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Guided fly fishing for wild brown trout
Professional guide since 1985
Registered member NZPFGA
Specialising in sight fishing for trophy brown trout.
Wilderness fishing via helicopter and 4WD
Full fishing equipment hire
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My name is Lindsay White , I have been a full time professional trout-fishing guide since 1985 in this region. I am a registered member of the NZPFGA New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association. 

 I am situated near Murchison in the nothern third of New Zealands South Island, 120 kilometres south west of the city of Nelson. This region has the reputation of being one of the finest Brown Trout fisheries of the world.


It is possible with in one hours drive of Murchison to access 30 different rivers or streams either traveling North, South, East or West.  The buller River alone has 20 plus rivers or streams within its system, which hold Brown Trout averaging 3lb to 5lb.  It is possible to access a further 21 plus Wilderness Rivers via helicopter.  Most of these rivers hold Browns averaging 5lb with a few which have a 6lb average.

 I operate in the following Fish and Game regions.  Nelson / Marlborough, West Coast and North Canterbury.

I specialize in guiding clients onto large sighted brown trout, either trophy size or fish3lb to 6lb which habitat most of our rivers.  This fishery is 99% Wild Brown Trout, 1% Wild Rainbow Trout which live in crystal clear waters and are extremely wary, so the fly-fishing here is very challenging and not recommended for beginners.  

While it is possible for novice fly fishers to have some success under good conditions, this fishery is best suited to avid fly fishers who enjoy a challenge, can handle being humbled and have a reasonable level of fitness as the majority of our rivers are free stone and the walking and wading can be uneven over medium sized boulders. However there are some fishing opportunities for the elderly or partly dissabled on grassed banks or braded riverbeds.

A good average day of sight fishing would be 10 to 12 fish fished to with maybe 7 hooked and 3 to 4 landed 3lb to 6lb. As I say, this is the average. Some day's for whatever reason fewer fish are seen, or caught and then on day's when the conditions are perfact, 12 or more fish may be caught by experienced fly fishers.  For those who like the challenge of a Trophy fish 8lb to 12lb, one of these landed would be a great day.  All fish which are weighed are weighed accurately, DEFINITELY no estimates.

So if you are looking for what it maybe the most challenging river fly-fishing in the world in some of New Zealand's most spectacular scenery, this is the destination for you.